Waste bags and other assortment

Production, properties of waste bags

  • We manufacture from virgin HDPE material. Due to this fact, the bags have higher strength at lower thickness than in commonly produced waste bags of the LDPE regranulate.
  • bag design - rolled or loose
  • possibility of production in the transparent, coloured and printed design


  • waste packaging
  • possibility of colour differentiation of different types of waste

Parameters of bags

Design: Rolled or loose
Width: 400-850 mm
Length: 400-1400 mm
Thickness: 0,011 up to 0,040 mm
Size of folds: 100 – 250 mm
Printing: 2 colours (in-line printing)


  • safe, 100% recyclable
  • Waste bags are recoverable in the form of energy recovery and they do not release harmful substances to the environment

Other assortment

  • This is an additional assortment to our manufactured products.
  • We do not produce this assortment directly. Most of the products in this assortment are in stock for instant deliveries:
    - Stretch films - hand and machine
    - Foam films - rolled or sheets
    - Bubble films - rolled or sheets, bags, cover films (including bubble cover taurpaulin)


  • Polyethylene products which are harmless, 100% recyclable or combustible do not release harmful substances into the air during combustion.