PE bags and sheets

Bags, sacks and sheets are manufactured from LDPE, HDPE and MDPE (medium density polyethylene) - their properties are therefore determined by the material used. Bags and sheets made from the virgin material are clear, odourless and colourless and they are therefore suitable for the direct contact with food. Some types are also suitable to use in the pharmacy industry.

Properties of PE bags and sheets

  • heat resistance from -50°C to +85°C (LDPE) or up to + 110°C (HDPE)
  • resistant to most chemicals, inert to packaged goods
  • we produce them as loose, rolled or blocked
  • with bottom or side seals, with side or bottom folds
  • micro- or macro-perforation
  • printing (up to 8-colours)
  • antistatic, antiblock, anti-slip (roughing) treatment, VCI
  • sheets of various shapes, covering sheets

Using PE bags and sheets

  • in the food industry - for packaging of all types of food or food mixtures (e.g. spices)
  • in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry (attests according to PhEUR, FDA)
  • for packaging of various chemical substances, pigments, etc.
  • for packaging of wooden pellets, plastic and metal parts, etc.
  • in-liners for paper bags, boxes and other packaging - as a barrier against moisture, greasing, dust, etc.
  • anti-corrosion protection (VCI bags, sheets, etc.)


  • PE bags are environmentally safe and are 100% recyclable.
  • PE bags are recoverable in the form of energy recovery and they do not release harmful substances to the environment.

Parameters of PE bags and sheets

Type: Loose Rolled
Width: 100 – 2000 mm (with folders , the circumference is up to 6.000 mm) 380-2000 mm (with folders , the circumference is up to 6.000 mm)
Length: 100 mm – 6 m 100 mm - 100 m
Thickness: 0,010 - 0,200 mm 0,010 – 0,200 mm
Printing: max. 8 colours
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