Films and bags for the pharmaceutical industry

Products of NOVPLASTA in the "pharma" series are produced according to the special recipe, allowing the usage in pharmacy and health care. We have long-term experience with pharmaceutical and healthcare products. We are regularly audited by important customers from pharmaceutical companies.

The individual approach to the customer's needs and technological equipment allows us to design solutions right for you.

In the "pharma" series we offer mainly

  • paper bags with inner PE film for packaging of highly hygroscopic chemicals (semi-finished products for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals)
  • PE bags and sheets for wholesale packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical-care stuffs
  • PE film for other processors - manufacture of medical devices, for use on packaging machines (blood sets, etc.)

We have the requested attests and certificates according to the European Pharmacopoeia and FDA on all our products from this series.

All our products are 100% recyclable.