PE films and bags for the food industry

Products of NOVPLASTA in the "food" series are designed for the packaging of fresh, frozen and otherwise prepared food or raw materials for food production. We are mainly focused on deliveries of products for wholesale and handling packaging. The individual approach to the customer's needs and technological equipment allows us to design solutions right for you.

The flexibility of our production facilities means that we are able to deliver small, medium and large production batches. All products can be supplied up to an eight-colour printing or by marking the production batch using the ink-jet technology for easy traceability of the product anywhere in the business network.

In the "food" series we offer mainly

  • paper bags with inner PE film for packing highly hygroscopic foodstuffs (powdered milk and powdered milk based products), aromatic foods (e.g. tea mixtures), fatty or frozen foods (frozen vegetables and fruit for wholesale consumers)
  • PE bags for the wholesale packaging of liquid, solid, powdering and frozen food (milk, spice mixtures, rice, etc.)
  • shrinkable films for group packaging (cannes, sacks of flour, beverages...)
  • LDPE films for use on packaging machines of the FFS - form & fill & seal
  • HDPE films and sheets for the packaging of fatty foods (meat, ground poppy, oilseeds...)

We have the requested attests and certificates for food contact, concerning the above mentioned products.

All our products are 100% recyclable.