Palletizing bags, cover sheets

We manufacture palletizing bags from LDPE material as loose or rolled (on a core). We manufacture the cover sheets from LDPE and HDPE material. We produce all palletizing bags and cover sheets in both transparent and colour versions, with the possibility of up to eight-colour printing.

Properties of palletizing bags and cover sheets

  • They are heat resistant from -50°C to + 85°C. When heated above 130°C (mostly by flame), they shrink very well and thus fix the goods on a pallet.
  • They provide much better weather protection than stretch film (especially protection against rainwater leakage into packaged items), allowing seamless storage outdoors (up to 2 years due to UV stabilization).
  • They are resistant to most chemicals, inert to packaged goods.
  • They provide the possibility of highlighting your logo on a packaged object and of double-sided printing.

Using palletizing bags and cover sheets

  • in construction-packaging of bricks, roofing, building materials, cardboard, etc.
  • in the manufacturing industry-secondary packaging for the protection and fixation of pallets with packaged goods (PE bags, paper bags, cardboard, etc.)
  • covering pallets as a protection against dust or dirt during interoperative movements of the material
  • in-liner in euroboxes, gitterboxes, cardboards or big-bags


  • Palletizing bags and cover sheets are environmentally safe and 100% recyclable.
  • They are recoverable in the form of energy recovery and they do not release harmful substances to the environment.

Parameters of palletizing bags and cover sheets

Type: loose or rolled
Width: max. 2.000 mm (circumference up to 6.000 mm)
Length: unlimited
Thickness: 0,010 – 0,200 mm
Printing: max. 8 colours
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