Paper bags with inner PE film

Paper bags with inner PE film are a special type of packaging, combining the advantageous properties of both materials. The PE inner film forms a barrier against moisture, is well welded, hygienic, suitable for all types of food. And paper, due to its rigidity, enables processing on automatic packaging lines, is more resistant to penetration and is light impermeable. Therefore it protects the inner liner and the packaged product against the UV light.

Use of paper bags with PE inner film

  • packaging of foodstuffs and feedingstuffs for which increased protection against air humidity is required (in particular powdered milk, powdered milk products, etc.)
  • packaging of chemical substances (powdered pigments, hygroscopic substances)
  • packaging of products with a higher fat content or slightly odoured products


  • Paper bags with a PE inner film are not combined package - i.e. that the liner can be separated from the paper bag easily and each of the materials can be 100% recycled.
  • They are recoverable in the form of energy recovery and they do not release harmful substances to the environment.

Parameters of paper bags with inner PE film

Type: bottom of a paper-bag: sewn or glued
PE inner film: glued together with the edge of a paper-bag or edge-overlapping
Width: 35 - 65 cm
Length: 35 - 125 cm
Width of bottom: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 21 cm
Thickness of PE inner film: 0,010 – 0,120 mm
Number of layers: 2 - 4
Printing: max. 8 colours

Marking of paper-bag types


Type of bag - according to the design of the paper bag bottom

  • Sewn Bottom = OS
  • Glued bottom = OL

According to the design of the internal PE inner film

  • PE inner bag is glued together with the edge of a paper-bag (with Z-fold)
  • PE inner bag is with an overlap over the edge of the paper-bag

According to the inner liner material

  • LDPE inner bag - thickness 0,030 – 0.120 mm
  • HDPE inner bag - thickness 0,010 – 0.030 mm

According to type of paper

  • B = bleached paper (used only on the top layer of the bag)
  • N = brown (natural) paper (used for the inside and top layers of the bag)
  • P = layer of paper with PE coating (20 g/m2)
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