Anti-corrosion films, bags and sheets

Anti-corrosion films - VCI films (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) are films that prevent corrosion on the surface of metals. Corrosion occurs on the surface of metals by an electrochemical reaction. Corrosion inhibitors (VCI), which are contained in the film, create a thin layer on the surface of metals. This layer prevents the above mentioned electrochemical reaction and subsequently the formation of corrosion.
We produce anti-corrosion (VCI) films under the brand NovaCorr VCI.

Properties of VCI films

  • The active substance (corrosion inhibitors) which are contained in PE film are gradually vapoured and create a protective atmosphere. The time of activation of this protective atmosphere is in the order of several hours.
  • VCI creates a long-term active protection (up to 2 years), on the condition that the package item had been hermetically closed.
  • It is not necessary to apply additional surface protection and subsequently clean the item.
  • If the packed item is opened and closed again, the protective atmosphere is re-activated.
  • After unpacking, the protective film from the metal surface evaporates within a short period of time. The product may be used without further modification (degreasing, washing, drying, etc.).
  • NovaCorr VCI does not contain toxic and other dangerous substances, such as nitrides, heavy metals, dual amines, phosphates.
  • We have an attest concerning the film NovaCorr VCI, according to the German standard TL8135.

Use of VCI films

  • a semi-finished product for the production of other packaging products (bags, sheets, palletizing bags)
  • packaging of metal parts and machines, where corrosion protection is required
  • NovaCorr VCI is mutually efficient (monolayer LDPE film) with a broad-spectrum effect - reliably protects steel, cast-iron, nickel, aluminum, silver, zinc, copper, etc.
  • CAUTION - The packing instructions must be followed. If the packaged object had already been infected with corrosion or microcorrosion, the VCI film is not able to prevent this corrosion.

Parameters of LDPE VCI films, bags, palletizing bags and sheets

  • LDPE NovaCorr films and the other products from this film are standardly supplied with the NovaCorr VCI logo print, blue tinge for the possibility of a good visual inspection of the packaged object.
  • film printing (customer's logo, etc.), colour adjustments
  • bags, palletizing bags and sheets – rolled, loose, blocked
  • manufactured dimensions - see LDPE foils, PE bags and sheets, palletizing bags
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