HDPE films

HDPE - high density polyethylene - is produced by polymeration at the low pressure. Its molecular chains are linear, which makes the strength higher than that of LDPE, which has branched chains. HDPE films are produced by the technology of blowing.

Properties of HDPE films

  • heat resistant from -50 °C to + 110 °C
  • Films are not clear, they are milky-coloured. They have a matt surface, and they are tasteless and odourless and therefore suitable for the direct food contact. Some types are also suitable for use in the pharmacy industry.
  • They are resistant to most chemicals, inert to packaged goods.
  • They are impermeable to water and little permeable to water vapour, oxygen, fats and aromatic substances (10 x less permeable than LDPE).
  • They are very well weldable.

Use of HDPE films

  • a semi-finished product for the production of other products (bags, sheets, in-liner in boxes)
  • suitable for the production of covering sheets
  • suitable for food packaging, especially meat and meat products (more resistant to fat acids)
  • a separation layer in the production of bitumen belts (due to their higher heat resistance and minimal shrinkability)

Possible treaments of HDPE films

  • full-surface or partial microperforation
  • corona treatment for printing or lamination
  • printing, colour adjustments
  • UV stabilization up to 24 months


  • HDPE films are environmentally safe and 100% recyclable.
  • HDPE films are recoverable in the form of energy recovery and they do not release harmful substances to the environment.

Parameters of HDPE films

Width: flat film and semi-tubes: 200 - 1.300 mm
tubes 400 – 1300 mm
tubes and semi-tubes with side folds 380 – 700 mm, side folds 100 – 250 mm
Thickness: 10 – 80 My
Diameter of rolls: 50 – 500 kg, up to Ø 800 mm
Printing: max. 8 colors (off-line) or 2 colors (in-line)
Core: 76 mm (paper or plastic)

Design of HDPE films




Semitubular film


Middle-cut semitubular film


Tubular film


Double-winding film


Tubular film with folds


Semitubular film with folds


Semitubular middle-cut film with folds

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