VCI - Anti-corrosion film

Properties and use

  • packaging of metal components and machines in case of which protection against corrosion is needed
  • active substance (volatile corrosion inhibitor) is contained in LDPE film; its gradual release creates protective atmosphere
  • available in blue colour with printing “VCI“ – to be different from the ordinary LDPE films
  • other printing at the client´s request

Specification of anti-corrosion film

Width of tubular:80 – 2000 mm (with side folds up to 3000 mm)
Width of film:60 – 2000 mm flat film or up to 6000 mm with side folds
Thickness of film:0,020 – 0,230 mm
Diameter of a roll:max. 800 mm
Printing:max. 6 colours (off-line) or 2 colours (in-line – printing 2+2)

Advantages of using anti-corrosion films

  • lower costs for packaging
  • no need to conserve products by wax or grease and subsequent washing in solvents
  • high efficiency – volatile particles penetrate into cavities and hard reachable places
  • possibility of reusing film – the substance is released from the film up to 2 years
  • nontoxic and recyclable
  • transparency of film enables visual checking of pakced goods
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Antikorózní fólie
Antikorózní fólie


  • Anti-corrosion film is an eco-friendly product – does not afflict human health, neither nature, nor drinking water sources.
  • The film scrap is collected, selected and recycled according to the law.