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Printing possibilities of film

Potisk folií
  • in-line printing of LDPE and HDPE film during extrusion (both sides printing max. 2+2 colours)
  • off-line printing – max. 6 colours
  • semi-finished product for production of bags
  • direct wrapping on automatic packaging machines
  • printing of warning tapes
  • printing of other material wound on the roll – paper, PP, PET

Specification of printing of LDPE and HDPE film

Performance: in-line printing of LDPE in-line printing of HDPE flexoprint machine
Width of film: 750-1200 mm 500-800 mm max. 1300 mm
Repeat range: 295 - 1152 mm 380 - 1100 mm 400 - 750 mm
Nr. of colours: 2+2 2+0, 1+1 max. 6

Possibilities of adjustements of printed film

  • microperforation
  • colour
  • antistatic, antiblock and antislip modification
  • UV stabilization
  • fire-stopping modification
  • oxodegradable performance
  • PE printed film is an eco-friendly product – does not afflict human health, neither nature, nor drinking water sources.
  • The film scrap is collected, selected and recycled according to the law.
  • Burning, expecially for films with larger printing area, is not recommended.