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Production of paper bag

  • certificated according to the norm ISO 9001:2008
  • certificated for direct contact with food
  • possibility of small production series
  • combination of high strength of paper bags and barrier properties of PE inner bags

Use of paper bags

  • packaging of food (like milk-powder, whey-powder, etc.) and feeding products
  • packaging of chemical components and hydroscopic materials
  • packaging of building materials
  • as protection against fat penetration and odor

Specification of paper bags

Width:35 - 75 cm
Lenght: 40 - 130 cm
Width of bottom:7 - 20 cm (usually 9, 11, 13, 15 and 18 cm)
Thickness of inner film:0,011 - 0,150 mm
Nr. of plies:3 – 5 (including PE tube)
Printing: max. 8 colours
Marking of paper bags Papírové pytle PE vložka

Types of bag

By bottom design
  • sewn open mouth bags (marked OS)
  • pasted open mouth bags (marked OL)
Available closure methods
  • PE inner bag sticked in together with the edge of a paper bag (with Z-fold) for automatical filling assembly lines
  • PE inner bag with an overrun over the edge of a paper bag (fixed by sewing) for hand filling assembly lines
By sort of material of inner bags
  • LDPE film ( thickness 0,030 – 0,150 mm)
  • HDPE film ( thickness 0,011 – 0,080 mm)
By sort of paper
  • B – bleached (white) paper (80 g/m2), usually used for the top layer
  • N – unbleached (natural) paper (70 g/m2), used for inner and top layers
  • P – coating paper with PE (70+20 g/m2 ), usually used as an inside layer, provides lower protection against dampness than an LDPE inner bag.
  • Paper bags with PE inner film are the eco-friendly products – does not afflict human health, neither nature, nor drinking water sources. The film scrap is collected, selected and recycled according to the law.