LDPE film

Production, properties of LDPE film

LDPE folie
  • the basic products of Novplasta since the foundation of the company in 1991
  • production capacity about 3.000 tons/year
  • heat resistance from -50°C up to +85°C; when the tempreature is over 130°C, the foil is shrunk
  • convenient for direct contatct with food
  • well weldable
  • resistant against most chemicals, protects the packed goods against moisture, dust, impurities and fat penetration

Use of the LDPE film

LDPE folie

Specification of LDPE film

LDPE fólie

Specification of LDPE film

Width of tubular foil:80 – 2000 mm (with side folds up to 3000 mm)
Width of foil:60 – 2000 (flat foil) or up to 6000 mm (with side folds)
Thickness:0,020 – 0,230 mm
Max. diameter of a roll:max. 800 mm
Printing:max. 6 colours (off-line) or 2 colours (in-line 2+2)
Core:76 mm

Possibility of adjustment of the LDPE film

LDPE folie
  • microperforation
  • ionization (corona treatment) for printing or lamination
  • colour – natural, black and white (coex), others - at a client´s request
  • antistatic, antiblock, antioxidation and antislip modification
  • UV stabilization
  • fire-stopping adjustment
  • oxodegradable adjustment
  • LDPE film is an eco-friendly product – does not afflict human health, neither nature, nor drinking water sources.
  • The film scrap is collected, selected and recycled according to the law.