HDPE film

Production and properties of HDPE film

HDPE folie
  • production of HDPE film since 2004
  • annual production capacity is approximately 5.000 tons, the most of the production is delivered to Germany and Benelux
  • HDPE film is stronger than LDPE film, not shrinkable
  • heat resistance - up to 110 ° C

Use of HDPE film

HDPE film - Sorts

HDPE fólie

Specification of HDPE film

Width:film and semi-tubular 300 – 1300 mm
tubular 400 – 1300 mm
semi-tubular and tubular with side folds 380 – 700 mm, folds 100- 250 mm
Thickness:0,011 – 0,080 mm
Weight of roll:30 – 500 kg, max. roll diameter 800 mm
Printing:max. 6 colours (off-line) or 2 colours (in-line)
Core:76 mm (paper or plastic)

Possibilities of adjustement of HDPE film

  • ionization (corona treatment) for printing or lamination
  • perforation for production of sheets
  • colour
  • printing
  • UV stabilization
  • oxodegradable performance
  • HDPE film is an eco-friendly product – does not afflict human health, neither nature, nor drinking water sources. The film scrap is collected, selected and recycled according to the law.